Reviving my blog!

Hi folks, I have a couple of  projects to do involving photography so thought I would get back to the blog for a bit of inspiration and ‘getting it out there’.  

I have a cute new fisheye lens for my iPhone and have decided to become an ace iphone photographer. I have a ways to go, true, but beginnings have been made 🙂

Starting the ball rolling with a glimpse of my Saturday::

Coffee and shared bacon and tomato roll at Urban Roast in Belconnen. Best coffee. 



A bit of retail therapy at my fave store, St Vinnies in Belconnen, conveniently situated walking distance from Urban Roast. Purchased a great book of poetry edited by Harold Bloom, $3. Bargain. Nearly bought a coat, but don’t really need more fab black coats.




Arty sunset snap. There isn’t much in between because I was tired from a big week and didn’t do much in between.  That is what Saturdays are for I guess.Image

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