Taking Stock

Making : knitted socks
Cooking : vietnamese spring rolls
Drinking : soda and lime
Reading:The  Luminaries
Wanting: to feel creative
Looking: at the moon shining while the sun goes down
Playing: the melodeon
Wasting: time
Sewing: a skirt
Wishing: for success for my daughter and her partner on their new venture in Melbourne
Enjoying: a quiet time at home
Waiting: for uni to start
Liking: my new music lessons
Wondering: about my painting
Loving: late summer
Hoping: dad will be okay
Marvelling: at the pleasure of running alone
Needing: to work harder on my painting
Smelling: dog odour!
Wearing: hand made skirts, by me!
Following: Helga von Trollop
Noticing: This fab Stephen West pattern on ravelry
Knowing: I am finding The Luminaries a bit tedious
Thinking: about new glasses
Feeling: fit
Bookmarking: Mister Finch
Opening: a box of chocolates
Giggling: at my dancing Dutch doll
Feeling: content


Thanks Pip 🙂


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