Flying birds and yarn

I’ve been a bit obsessed with trying to capture the look of birds in flight over the sea. I am missing the ocean, that is part of the problem. I live in a land locked city. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside but the primordial fish inside of me feels the pull of the sea, particularly in these hot, late summer days.

I’m working in water color and ink on rice paper. You get one chance to make a mark, there is no way of hiding a mistake or having another go. Hence there is a sea of these papers lying at my feet.

I’ve also been sewing up this blanket. I have never made this sort of blanket before so it is all a bit new. The stitch I’m using to join the squares together with is called ‘baseball stitch’ because it is, apparently, like the red stitching on baseballs. I think it looks nice, and it enables the squares to lie flat.

Vivhid blanket, by Tin Can knits

I’ve also been working on this, the Ranunculus Sweater by Midori Hirose. I’m on the ribbing for the body and soon I will move to sleeve island. This has been a quick-ish knit so far and I really love the Amuri merino/possum yarn. It’s exquisite.

I recently read a couple of articles about how playing a musical instrument is good for the brain. Apparently when you are actually trying to make music the brain lights up all over the place. I am very much a private, basic sort of musician but this information has encouraged me to keep going with trying become better at playing this adorable melodeon.

There a couple of videos of me playing on my YouTube channel, should you be desperate for entertainment 😁😁😁

Bye for now

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