the 100 day project

I’m participating in the 2018 100 day project.  There is more than one 100 day project on line but the particular one I’m participating in started on 3rd April and is Instagram based.  You can check in with my progress via my Instagram account @juliedelves2. My main motivation is to work through a project that I have had in mind for some time  and to keep myself accountable and on task through sharing and sticking to the daily post schedule.

My dad has written a biography over the decade or so and I have long thought that it would be nice to make a graphic novel type representation of it so that is my project. I don’t anticipate actually drawing/writing a graphic novel over 100 days, but maybe getting some idea of it might look like if I did. At the least I should have a good store of images to play with at the end of the 100 days.

I am also crocheting granny squares. I am actually a passionate knitter but have been wanting to use up bits and pieces of yarn that I have accumulated over the years and making a granny square blanket seems like the perfect project for that. Granny squares are basic and easy and only take me about 15 minutes to make one, so making one a day is a very do-able goal.

thumbnail 5

The grannies are piling up.

Cheers,  Julie.

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